This is the first edition of Phillips Academy’s newest journal, The Revere. We are a bi-weekly, student run, foreign affairs periodical which will consist of both analytical and opinion pieces. Our articles will be longer-form and focused on issues from different points of view, reflecting our writers’ diverse opinions and backgrounds.
    We hope our publication will help foster in our community a greater understanding and interest in foreign affairs, as well as spark a dialogue concerning the various critical issues affecting the world today. At times this may mean you will disagree with us. We actually hope this is the case. At the same time, however, we also hope you will first take the time to read, think and, if it is the case, then thoughtfully disagree. For us, the diversity of thought that we intend to bring to you is at the core of our school’s and our journal’s values. We hope you enjoy our first edition and look out for us at the Library and Commons every other Thursday. Our website will also be updated with every new issue the second it is released.